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Smoking and Tobacco

There are several ways that smoking and chewing tobacco can ruin your oral health

If you don’t smoke or chew tobacco, don’t start!

Tooth Stains and Tongue — Smoking causes tooth stains or overall tooth discoloration

Dulled Sense of taste and smell

 Bad Breath — One of the main causes of halitosis is smoking. Tar and nicotine settles in your oral cavity, leading to a condition known as “smoker’s breath.”

Tooth Decay — Smoking increases the amount of dental plaque in your mouth, and the more dental plaque, the harder it is to remove. This eventually leads to dental tartar and tooth decay.

Gum Disease — Tobacco interferes with the function of gum tissue cells. Gums become damaged by separating from the bone, leaving them open to infection. Smokers are several times more likely to get advanced periodontal disease

Tooth Loss — Advanced periodontitis eventually leads to bone deterioration and tooth loss.

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